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Scrubby Scrub!!
It's time, I feel, that I address the issue of...baths, showers, and outright hygeine.
Now, this isn't going to be some awkward, embarrassing thing, like, say the time I was down in the Dallas Stars locker room (not MY fault they were dumb enough to give me a press pass) and when I happened to glance toward Curtain #1, it lead to the showers and...Pat Verbeek's naked arse. Google him. The head shot alone will show why my brain is permanently scarred for life...
Ahem! No, I'm trying to figure out a few things that have me a bit...befuddled, if you will.
Take my dad, for instance. Bless his heart, he was a Navy man, spent time aboard ship with God only knows how many other men, so who knows what they had to wash with. But let's discuss something, shall we? I'm a girl. A wo-cough!- a woman, even, and what type of shampoo do I use? I use a $3.29 bottle of Suave. What does Dad use?? Pantene. Yeah, that's right. You heard me-the man uses Pantene. And when I tried to buy him the "manly" Pantene, he scoffed at it like I'd just asked him to go outside and wash with rain water and lye soap, and went and bought his little, $8.69 bottle of Pantene practically the next day.
Well. Aren't we spiffy?
To continue, (and you know I will) I've recently been staying with my sister. This is where I have to ask...can there be too many hygeiene products in the shower with you at any given time? Maybe it's because I'm still a tomboy and I have shower gel and shampoo. Bing, bang, boom. But now, it's seems there are bottles EV-erywhere! I know some belong to the wee one, my neice-all hail Mr. Bubble!-and I understand that. Perhaps I need to get used to the fact there ARE four adults in one apartment now (and a baby!) so it's not just me and my lowly little collection of two bottles. What I DO need to figure out is if there is a way to permanently mark your bath pouf, because with three girls in the house, there's four bath boufs, each a slightly lighter/darker shade of purple from the other. Eeney, meeney, miney... mo?
Thankfully, my sister removed the Disney Princess bath mat so I no longer feel that there are four pairs of eyes staring me down anymore whilst I bathe. AWK-ward...


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